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Shri Padmini Vidya Masterclass
Shri Padmini Vidya Masterclass
Shri Padmini Vidya Masterclass

Shri Padmini Vidya Masterclass

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Product Description

Shri Padmini Vidya Workshop with Vibhushri & BodhMarga Foundation.

A 9 Days Masterclass with 3 Months of Assignments & Group Assistance

Details of the Workshop -

✅ 9 Days Live Masterclass

✅ Vishnu Granthi Activation

✅ Heart & Happiness Clearing

✅ Padmini Yantra Establishment in Navel 

✅ Shri Padmini Yantra

✅ Shri Suktam Mantra

✅ 3 Months of Group Mentoring

✅ Private Mentoring Videos

✅ Crash Course in Spirituality, Vedanta & Awakening (BodhMarga Philosophy)

✅ Wealth & Abundance Creation

✅ Lifetime Community Support & Private Hub Access

✅ Recordings of the Masterclass

Discover -

✅ Art of Spirituality as per Advaita Vedanta in Padmini Vidya Course

✅ Art of Wealth Creation as per Shri Padmini Vidya Course

✅ Spanda Shastra & Nada Yoga for enhancing Prosperity in Padmini Vidya Workshop

???? Watch the video where Nada Yogi Rivesh Vade explains the Miracles of Shri Padmini Vidya

✅ Does Your Relationship with Money Evoke Feelings of Fear, Tension, Stress, Panic & Frustration with You?

✅ Do you often Face Difficulties to Pay your Bills OR Repay your Debts, Loans, and EMIs and Wish to Get Rid of them at Once?


✅ Are You Struggling to Sustain your Job, Income, Savings, Business, Success, even Relationships?


✅ Are You Experiencing LACK of FREEDOM & Prosperity in Wealth?

✅ Are All Areas of your Life Terribly Affected due to Poor Wealth Creation?

✅ Are You tired of getting forcefully swept away with every little situation or problem that life throws in the way of your Abundance?



11 Reasons Why You Should Not Miss the Teachings of Shri Padmini Vidya in the Presence of Nada Yogi Vibhushri

✅ Go Beyond the Concepts of Visualisation and Law of Attraction

✅ Understand the Laws of The Universe in Relation to Money

✅ Practically Apply the Mechanics of Creation to accelerate Growth

✅ Experience an Unexpected Financial Abundance and Freedom in Wealth

✅ Understand the Dynamics of Money and its True Relationship with the Self & Others

✅ Tap into your Creative Forces to Manifest Abundance on Auto-Pilot Mode

✅ Transform & Develop a Healthy Relationship with Money & Wealth Creation

✅ Completely Wipe out the Frequencies of Struggle from your Life

✅ Manifest your Life full of Ease, Prosperity & Samruddhi

✅ Shift your Energies from Wanting to Having & Progress from Meeting your Basic Needs to Fulfilling your Desires

✅ Harness your Hidden, Unleashed Potential of the Universe within Yourself and Experience Abundance & Happiness in All Areas of Your Life

Do not miss this Life Transforming Opportunity in the PRESENCE of a SIDDHA MASTER!!!!

Name of the organiser

# BodhMarga Foundation & Wellness Vibe

Terms & Conditions -

- Participants will not be allowed to enter in the program without the completion of the registration payment.

- Children below the age of 8 are not allowed to attend the workshop. If there are any special requests, please contact us. This is to maintain decorum inside the webinar / workshop. 

- Video filming / Recording of the workshop is not allowed by the participants. 

- We do not offer refunds. Please book wisely. 

- Your seat is transferable to our next Padmini Vidya Masterclass if you inform us at least 7 days before the workshop date that you booked for. To inform us, please send us a WhatsApp at 8356061135.

- We may wish to photograph or film the Workshop and reserve the right to do so for the purposes of promoting future workshops or otherwise. By attending the workshop, you allow the usage of the footage for online promotions.

- Disclaimer: The information contained in the workshop is provided for general & educational purposes only and must never be considered a substitute for medical advice. Wellness Vibe does not take responsibility for possible health consequences for any person following the information in the educational content. 

- Read the entire disclaimer on our website at www.wellnessvibe.com/disclaimer/

- Read the entire privacy policy on our website at www.wellnessvibe.com/privacy-policy/

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